The Lansdowne Cup 
RTJ II vs. Norman

A marquee event in 2017, finally returns once again. The inaugural event that took place two years ago in September ended with Team Jones defeating Team Norman 24-17 in the two day multi-format event. This year the event takes place on September 21st & September 22nd. In this Ryder Cup style event, juniors will play 27-holes over the two days in three different formats, competing for points on a team. Each (9)-hole match will be played for one point, with each player being able to compete for 3 of their team points. The three formats of play will be: (1) Alternate-Shot, (2) Best Ball, (3) Singles Matches. A captains match will occur at the end of the singles matches on Sunday, where captains will play the final 18-hole match of the Lansdowne Cup.

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