Group Coaching

Periodically throughout the golf season we offer a variety of group classes targeting specific areas of the game. These fun and engaging group sessions were designed to cover the most common aspects of the game our coaching staff was encountering during private sessions. Classes are offered during specific dates and times throughout each season. For more information visit our Online Lesson Book here: (Link to Uschedule)

Red Zone Golf – Mastering 100 Yards and In

This program is about one thing and one thing only – SCORING. In this series you will learn everything you need to know to become a wizard around the greens. From sand shots, to pitch shots over water, it won’t be long before your wedge starts to feel like your secret weapon!

Golf 101

Golf 101 is geared for the TRUE non-golfer.  This weekly series will help introduce and familiarize you with EVERYTHING you need to know to feel comfortable in a golfing experience. Everything from what to expect when you arrive at the course, where to go when you arrive, proper etiquette on and off the course, and perhaps most importantly….. Directions to the 19th hole! This weekly series will also feature some basics on the golf swing, but is best suited for the TRUE beginner. 

Drive it Like a Pro

This program is simple and straight forward. We GUARANTEE that we can add 10 yards of distance to your driver after completion.  Yes, you heard it right, we will add 10 yards of distance to at least 1 shot in the time you spend with us or we will give you a FREE private lesson! During this series we will target the key areas that golfers need to focus on in order to improve their distance and accuracy with the driver

Putt Like a Pro

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there…. some of us more than we would like to admit.  This class is for the person who is tired of adding up their score at the end of the round and saying to themselves” if only I could have not 3 putted 5 times.” If this sounds like, then join us for arguably the best investment you can make in your game. In this series we will show you the keys the best players in the world use week in and week out to avoid this score killer. 

Course Management Series

Ever felt confused about whether you should use your pitching wedge or sand wedge? How about which club to hit over the water on a given hole? If so, this is the class for you. During this series, our professional staff will guide you through some key decisions you face on the golf course and help you build the confidence in how to continue your progress moving forward.